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Christophe Rey is a versatil designer ex-student of the digital creation master
at the Jean Jaures Toulouse University. For his second year diploma, he has
worked on a virtual reality project. He wanted to show how this technology is
good to emulate the action of dreaming; principles and features embedded
within –DUBITAXIS- his first year project including the same kind of technologies.
In fact, in 2017, he carried out an installation that he designed during one year
where the purpose was the doubt. His work was distinguished by virtual and
real origins of stimuli. Theses stimuli are subjects to interpretation in their nature.
He typically used micro-controllers and 360 videos and sounds to create the
world where viewers could interact. His practice engages the perception, the
consciousness and the unconsciousness.

In 2017, I decided to work on another subject which is dreams. However the
unconscious problematic still the main topic. This project, entitled OA l’Onirisme
Augmenté, provides his own dreams modeled in three dimensions where viewers
can wander inside. His work is driven by the psychic analysis including the
Freudian theory of condensation and displacement that symbols have the
capacity to evoke. He has developed his reflection on what is offered to see,
especially in the architectural and volumetric living spaces of dreams. In this
project, he wanted to question the unconsciousness part of the mind and what
its relationship with space and volume is. His ambition is to create an immersive
and interactive experience whose the purpose is dream through redesigning a
virtual reality headset.


Christophe Rey was born in 1993 at Voiron close to Grenoble, Isère -France-,
nearby French Alps. He grew up in La Forteresse, a village one hour from this
city, where he spent his childhood. He has never known what job he would
like to do that explains his atypical academic background. After a scientific
baccalaureat in 2011, he decided to engage with a two-years diploma in
mechanical engineering. Not limited to one field, he wanted to discover other
fields and he studied marketing management during one year. Then he followed
an eco-design bachelor where he had the possibility to include what he learnt
before and opened his mind to the applied art, field he has always been
interested in. During one year he used to work for a medical company where
he was focused on the verification and validation of medical devices. The
year after he has been back to school at the Jean-Jaures Toulouse University
in order to discover art and experiment it with new technologies.


In 2018 he worked on film editing with the producer Marie-Laure Cazin. A 360 movie
including interractivity and virtual reality. Then he definitly decided to work in
an artistic field and was also happy to had learnt all this subjects even if they
were not linked to art beacause they gave him an enginneer way of thinking
combined with his passion for applied art.

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