Christophe Rey

Independent versatil designer,
and multimedias content creator.

Trough the different fields he studied during his academic background, Rey designer is able to carry-out various projects design.

Graduated in mechanical engineering in 2013, in trading management and marketing in 2014 Rey designer has for main objective to combine a reliable technique with effective sales pitches.


The following year he passed a diploma in eco-design which is nowadays the universal most urgent challenge to take up. today, all projects would have to be designed with a concern for sustainable development. Think global, act local and facilitate it with a well-thinked design.

Finally, Rey designer can provide you his experience with new technologies. Graduated in artistic digital creation master in 2018, Rey designer is able to take into account all the new-techs's problematics to carry-out your projects in the best conditions. Furthermore, Rey designer can use new medias as VR, AR and other interactive support which meet your needs and boost your activity such as 3D view of mechanical parts, which will boost your marketing  experiences or your artistical project.

Rey designer will combine all these actual problematics into a global vision for a better management of your projects.


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Here you can freely download my last personnal book where you'll find all my works.


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